Ukrainian Artillery Rocks Occupied Separatist Trench

first published on July 1, 2019 by

A video uploaded in late June 2019, shows Ukrainian artillery zeroing in on an occupied separatist trench in the Luhansk region.

occupied separatist

According to the uploader, the artillery operation was carried out by the combat reconnaissance group K-2 of the 54th Brigade in response to the death of a comrade who was killed by the pro-Russian separatist forces.

The field artillery (possibly mortars) unit fired from a distance of 400 meters, and used an aerial observation drone to correct and adjust the fires. Multiple enemy forces can be seen running through the trench to seek shelter in a bunker. By the end of the video, the rounds begin making direct hits on the occupied bunker.

The number of casualties, if any, cannot be verified from this video. Attacks like these take place every day, multiple times a day in the contested areas of eastern Ukraine with little or no media coverage.


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