Arrests Made In Hate Crime Assault On War Hero

first published on February 24, 2016 by

The arrests of two teen suspects have been made in the racially motivated assault and theft on a decorated Marine combat veteran in Washington D.C.


Christopher Marquez, one of the Marines made famous by an iconic photo from Operation Iraqi Freedom, was recently hospitalized for a beating he took while simply minding his own business and getting a bite to eat at a D.C. McDonald’s.

The black teens confronted Marquez, asking him if he thought that black lives mattered. He attempted to ignore the degenerates, but they become more confrontational. In a not surprising moment of ignorant hypocrisy, the lowlifes called Marquez a racist as well. The altercation ended with the Bronze Star recipient Marine getting pistol whipped unconscious as the delinquents took his wallet containing his I.D. cards, banking cards, and several hundred dollars in cash. The obvious hate crime was recorded by a security camera.


Metropolitan Police released the footage to the public in hopes that it would turn up information leading to the arrests of two males and one female. Yesterday, police arrested one female and one male suspect, but are still looking for the third. The suspects have not been charged with what is an obvious hate crime… strange how that works.

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