Arresting Cable Snaps, Jet Goes For A Swim, Jedi Crew Member Dodges Death

first published on December 14, 2018 by

In this grainy but incredible footage, a series of dangerous events unfold as an arresting cable snaps aboard an American aircraft carrier.

arresting cable

An F/A-18 comes in too hot for landing. The arresting cable is brought to its breaking point and snaps. The fighter jet spills off the end of the carrier, falling in the ocean.

The pilot was able to eject, but others’ lives are still in danger. The broken cable snaps back toward the carrier crew at over 100 miles per hour. One of the crew members shows jedi like reflexes as he jumps over the cable twice.

Other crew members cannot dodge the threat and are whipped with the rogue cable. Seriously injured, they had to be evacuated from the ship for emergency medical equipment.