Close Combat: Two Fighters Fire At Each Other From Around Corner

first published on October 10, 2016 by

A Kurdish soldier, and Daesh fighter fire at each other from just around the corner. This combat is so close they can grab each other.

During an attack against a Peshmerga position, an ISIS fighter fires around the corner at a Kurdish soldier. The Kurdish soldier stands his ground, and fires directly back around the corner at the Daesh-bag. Combat only gets closer than this when the two parties decide it’s time to go hand-to-hand.

In this instance, it may have actually been the best option. The more aggressive fighter, as in the fighter who is least afraid to die, has the highest probability of winning in this terrible situation. Violence of action, and gaining the initiative is imperative.

Note: Sound has been redacted from this video due to high levels of ISIS propaganda being played in the background audio.


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