Army Ranger Adopts The Working Dog That Saved His Life

first published on November 6, 2015 by

A US Army Ranger adopts the working dog that saved his life, to prevent the military from euthanizing her.

One fateful evening in Afghanistan, this beautiful working dog saved her handlers life. As they made entry into a building, she was shot 4 times in defense of her team. She then continued on through the pain and subdued the shooter. Upon her return to the United States, the military intended to retire her, by putting her down.

Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald refused to let this happen to the dog that saved his life. He fought through a lengthy process with the US Military, and was eventually able to adopt Layka. This dog was a member of his team, and after she survived seven hours of surgery he refused to let the military put her down.

Layka now lives with McDonald’s family, and is enjoying a fun filled life of retirement. No more finding bombs for a kong, now all the toys are free. This is the least that our four-legged war-fighters deserve.

Ranger Dog

The US Military needs to stop looking at these animals as a disposable tool. They are members of the team within their units. When a dog is coming close to the end of its years in service, the last handler should be allowed to adopt the dog. If the last handler cannot adopt the dog, then previous handlers should be contacted and offered the opportunity. This should go all the way down the chain until all handlers have been exhausted. After that, the dogs should be placed with a family that is willing, and experienced enough to handle the dog. Euthanizing a working dog should never be an option.

On a kind of related note, here’s an awesome video of Layka sky diving!