Army Officer To Be Awarded Medal Of Honor

first published on October 15, 2015 by

Retired Army CPT Florent Groberg will be awarded the Medal Of Honor for his actions during a 2012 suicide bomb attack on the group his security team was charged with protecting in Asadabad.


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CPT Groberg was the leader of his brigade commander’s personal security detachment while on a foot patrol in eastern Afghanistan. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a odd man nearing their element. Groberg intercepted the man before he could reach the command group. As he did, he was able to identify an explosive-laden suicide vest. Instinctively, the captain grabbed the insurgent and began pushing and shoving him away from the rest of his unit.

The suicide bomber was able to self detonate, and the blast threw Groberg several feet through the air. His leg was mangled and he sustained a blown ear drum and a traumatic brain injury. For these wounds, Groberg spent almost three years at Walter Reed military hospital and underwent 30 surgeries.

Although Groberg was able to selflessly protect his commander, four other men were killed during the blast.

“It’s one of those things where you’re confused on the inside a little bit for how to feel about it,” Groberg said in reference to his Medal Of Honor. “You’re receiving an award for the worst day of your life, a day that you lost four incredible individuals, a day that I’ll never forget, that lives on every day when you wake up… It’s a weird feeling that’s almost too hard to explain,” he said. “It just reminds me of my guys that I lost.”