Army Females Told To Share Shower With Transgender Males During Brief

first published on April 8, 2017 by

During a recent U.S. Army Transgender Service Member’s brief, Female soldiers were told they were going to have to share shower facilities with men.

In an attempt to continue the growing social experiment that has become the United States Military, a group of female soldiers has been told that if a transgender male, who has not started treatment and transition to being a female, identifies as a female already, they are required to share shower facilities and billeting with them no questions asked. Let that statement sink in for a moment, because it’s true. It is the current reality that our military faces.

transgender 1

For those who do not believe the above screenshot. Here is a link to for Army Directive 2016-35 (Army Policy on Military Service of TransgenderSoldiers) See section 2, note C.

In the crusade for personal rights for individuals who are having a gender identity crisis, the personal and private rights of our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors are now being put at risk. This isn’t an issue as simple as public bathrooms, but something much more intense that needs to be segregated, point-blank period.

These women have been told, that if a man wants to use their shower all he needs to say is “I think I’m a woman now.” While it would be great if we could say things like this would never be used or abused maliciously, we honestly cannot say that. It’s not even a sole matter of the peeping tom, but also a matter of some women just not wanting to, or feeling comfortable with having to share something as intimate as a shower with a member of the biological opposite sex, because regardless of how the individual identifies, biologically they’re still a man.

Officers and Staff NCOs making decisions in the Army however don’t see it that way. They are squared away in private billets, with private bathrooms. The enlisted ranks are not. A good majority of shower and billeting stations that enlisted reservists, and even active duty troops below the rank of E-6 deal with are an “Open” style. For those who may be reading this not in the loop, that means no stalls, no privacy, just a four-walled tile room with shower heads, or a long hallway with dotted with bunk beds.

The people making these calls may be too disconnected from that to realize the consequences of the decisions they have passed as an order to their subordinate troops. Transgendered troops need to have rights as well, and they have been completely forgotten in this situation. If a Transgendered male on the way to becoming a female is uncomfortable using the shower with other men, don’t you think they might also be uncomfortable using the showers with women who will see their soon to be surgically detached private parts?

Here’s an idea. Transgendered troops get to use the officer and staff NCO showers regardless of the troop billeting situation. If no private facilities are immediately available, those same Staff NCOs and Officers can put in the leg work to find those troops ample placement for both the activities of private billeting and showers in order to protect their personal rights while also protecting the personal and private rights of the troops under their care.

Maybe if this is too much work for the U.S. Military as a whole, the individual transitioning should be put on a temporary, unpaid, military leave of absence until they have sorted out their gender identity issues. Then when they are fully fit for duty again they can come back to the military and finish out their contract without putting on any extra stress to the institutions in which they choose to serve. We’ve already been told that’s not an option though.