Army CSM Ignores Regulations And Cries About Being Bullied

first published on May 3, 2016 by

An Army Command Sergeant Major decided to ignore military regulations, and when she was called out, she cried that the internet was full of bullies.

In the military as a whole, we’re starting to see a dangerous new trend. Moral courage is dying at its core, leaders are becoming weak, and the standards that are supposed to be upheld at the highest levels are being ignored. It has come to our attention that a certain military police Command Sergeant Major over at the 8th Military Police Brigade has decided to ignore the grooming standard.

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Normally, we wouldn’t care about this. It’s actually almost completely out of the scope of our normal, every day operations here at Funker530. We’re here for gunfights, explosions, airstrikes, and breaking news media that we think is important. We don’t adhere to, nor enforce the grooming standard. That’s the military’s job, and we don’t want it.

The problem however, is this. The Command Sergeant Major in question was confronted by a popular military humor Facebook page. Once that happened, soldiers started crawling out of the woodwork to talk about her toxic leadership style, and complete disregard for military professionalism.


Instead of responding to this in a professional manner, and getting her hair cut to rectify the situation, the CSM in question decided to act like a child. All posts made in regards to, or about the misconduct of this Command Sergeant Major, were promptly removed. The users who asked the questions, were barred from speaking out again on the page.

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The excuse that’s being offered in regards to the misconduct, is as one would expect, her gender, and her race. The answer to why the situation hasn’t been rectified yet, is because the internet is a bunch of bullies. The CSM is now the victim. Disregard all of the bad leadership, disregard all of the ignored regulations, stop all of the presses. This woman is clearly being oppressed and bullied by the internet and regulations.


This is a message for CSM Flournoy: You’re in the Army, not the girl scouts. Regulations are not optional, and you are not above them for any reason. Fix yourself, before your peers do it for you. Maybe you forgot, but you’re supposed to be the backbone for every NCO in your unit. How can they uphold the uniform regulations of the United States Army, when you yourself show a complete disregard for them? As a leader, you are not allowed to say, “Do as I say, not as I do,” so knock that shit off yesterday, and start being a leader to your Soldiers.

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Go ask the US Army for an update on the situation with CSM Fournoy >>>HERE<<<