Armenian Drone Records Deadly Mortar Strike

first published on December 10, 2015 by

Long running tensions are at a near breaking point between Armenia and Azerbaijan as cross-border shelling has escalated in recent days.


The two former Soviet states fought a sustained war over border disputes which resulted in tens of thousands killed and a fragile cease-fire signing in 1994. Although cease-fire infractions are common, the last two weeks have seen an escalation of hostilities. For the first time since the cease-fire was signed, Azerbaijani tanks have fired over the border and destroyed Armenian targets.

Azerbaijan insists the acts were retaliatory measures in response to Armenian mortars and machine gun attacks, a claim that may be supported by this video reportedly showing Armenian mortars landing on what appears to be entrenched Azerbaijani military positions.

Azerbaijan claims to have shot down two Armenian drones in the last week, at least one of which was a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter.

The drone footage shows mortar rounds landing in the vicinity of military outposts and ground personnel can be seen scattering. At the 00:55 mark of the video, a mortar round lands near a cluster of troops, and it looks as if one may take an almost direct hit, possibly seriously wounding or killing two people.


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