They Can Probably Skip Leg Day: Overwatch Position Raided after Arduous Uphill Climb

first published on December 30, 2017 by

A Turkish overwatch position is raided by Kurdish PKK fighters after an arduous uphill climb. Arriving completely undetected at the top, they still have enough gas in the tank to successfully raid the Turkish OP. These guys must have tree trunks for legs…

A Turkish overwatch position consisting of several bunkers located high on a hill top and likely supporting and protecting a narrow road below – unsuspectingly becomes the subject of a quick daytime raid by PKK fighters. While the position sits relatively close to the road and just a few hundred feet above several military vehicles, the route the PKK fighters must take is far longer. The primary cameraman does give a quick overview of the route – it appears to be a brutally steep, lengthy, and draining.

Snaking up the other side of the hill, the fighters know exactly which route to take without being noticed by the Turkish soldiers. Several soldiers can be observed moving and working around the position. When the small PKK raiding party finally ascends the hill, they are just meters from the bunkers and two soldiers working in the brush. The raid starts at around the 3:20 mark – initiated by an RPG and completely surprising the two soldiers working.

The PKK fighters quickly follow with a volley of RPG’s and small arms fire. The accurate rocket fire at such close range engulfs the Turkish positions and adds to the shock and surprise. Dangerous reality now set in, the surviving Turks finally begin manning their positions and returning fire.

The PKK fighters now must clear the remaining distance uphill and under fire. They eventually get within grenade range and maneuver on the most isolated bunker. This puts two Kurds just a few meters from at least one Turkish soldier lingering in the position. There’s a visible exchange of gunfire up close between them, but the distance and angle of the camera make it impossible to really know what happened.

The PKK raiders now hastily rummage through the position grabbing weapons and continuing to suppress the other Turkish bunkers, using the captured position as cover. Raid objectives complete, the successful Kurds now beat-feet it down the mountain to safety.