AQAP Attack on a Houthi Checkpoint in Yemen

first published on December 23, 2017 by

Warning Graphic Content: A brutal AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula) attack on a Houthi checkpoint in Yemen is a grim reminder of the complicated strife facing the fractured nation.

The video kicks off quickly, with an AQ pick-up loaded with several Jihadist’s rapidly approaching a haphazardly built checkpoint manned by several Houthis. With a couple men in the bed of the truck, they engage the Houthi guards at minimal distance and quickly begin dropping the stunned defenders. One Houthi gets all of a few meters before being gunned down – the others die mostly where they stood. Now off the truck, the AQAP fighters continue to savagely pump rounds into the lifeless corpses before stripping their weapons and gear. A few perfunctory Jihadist cheers and they load back in the pick-up. They eliminate the checkpoint and are back in their vehicle in just about 90 seconds.

Checkpoints are a common sight in the Middle East and the third world. A couple, maybe three or four soldiers, policemen, or rebels manning a post providing security or intimidation (depending on who you talk too). They’re an easy way for a fledgling and technologically unsophisticated government to project power and control movement; saturating populated areas with armed men. However, they’re also a very common tool amongst rebel and terrorist groups during uprisings and civil wars. Similarly projecting power and influence, they also provide the rebel group with a convenient means to intimidate and economically extort from the population. For any faction, they are also vulnerable to attack which is brutally apparent in this video.

Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The remnants of the Yemeni Government, the Saudi’s, Houthi’s, Al Qaeda, and ISIS all control various portions of the tiny nation. Just as concerning, Iranian arms shipments, proximity to the East African arms markets, and battlefield captures suggests that all factions will be able to resupply arms for the foreseeable future. The disturbing element of Jihadist attacking Jihadist in videos like this one, document the very violent and dangerous reality that goes largely unnoticed by the Western world.

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO CONTENT: This video contains imagery that some viewers may find disturbing


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