Apaches Pursue And Dominate Insurgent Mortar Team

first published on January 20, 2016 by

A section of Apache attack helicopters spot tracer rounds in the distance. As they maneuver towards the fire, they spot an enemy mortar team.

Two Apaches, that are on station, maneuver towards tracer fire directed at coalition forces. Once in the area, they spot a group of individuals on the ground carrying small arms, and a mortar system. The pilots establish that the individuals are indeed a legitimate insurgent target, and engage with 30mm rounds, flechette rockets, and one point-detonating round.

Originally designed to be tough as nails, the Apache attack helicopter first took to the skies in 1975 as the YAH-64 prototype. It went into full-scale development the very next year, and was accepted by the US Army in 1982 as the AH-64A. The Army received their first shipments of the aircraft in 1984, and they never looked back.

Apache Mortar Team