Apache Stalks And Crushes Platoon Of Insurgents

first published on November 4, 2017 by

An unconfirmed video from either Iraq or Afghanistan follows an AH-64 Apache as it stalks a platoon of anti coalition insurgents before unleashing 30mm fury upon them.


The insurgents sit in a circle talking through final rehearsals before their attack. Meanwhile the Apache crew identifies weapons on the band of bad guys and waits for clearance from higher.

Clearance comes, but not until after the cluster of targets stretches out into a file formation. The gunner uses the laser range finder to learn the distance, which puts them at just under a kilometer. The Apache is capable of tracking and engaging targets from such great distances that the enemy rarely knows they are being observed until it’s too late.

The Apache gunner fires in a seemingly spastic and wasteful manner. Some of the insurgents are certainly hit. The others lie motionless on the ground. The video ends before we learn the resolution of the engagement.