Iraq Killstreak: Apache Gunships Decimate Insurgents Targeting Friendly Forces

first published on January 24, 2018 by

Vintage Apache gun-cam footage circa 2008 – following two AH-64 gunships as they blast insurgents after targeting a friendly convoy. Always good to see a little teamwork in action.

Two US Apache gunships arrive on station supporting a sizable friendly convoy somewhere in Iraq. Labeled but unconfirmed as an engagement from March 11th, 2008, the Apache’s immediately spot several military aged males gathering and peering around the corner of a nearby intersection.

Completely ignorant of the hovering danger, the group of unsuspecting insurgents begin pulling out weapons and immediately start engaging the convoy. Before the convoy itself even knows what’s happening, the gunner is excitedly calling out the obvious Positive Identification (PID) and requesting permission to engage.

It takes the Apache crew a few moments to adjust to this unexpected development. In the brief interim, something spooks the half-dozen or more insurgents who begin moving back away from the intersection. The Apache is now ready to engage and fires a Hellfire air-to-ground missile system (AGMS) at the remaining grouping of tangos. Just as the missile is launched, the group hustles down an alleyway to the initial dismay of the gunner. However, the advanced Hellfire missile seamlessly tracks the enemy and manages to strike right in their midst.

The explosion rocks the tight alley way – sending debris and body parts flying everywhere. A surviving jihadi desperately tries to get out of the kill-zone, but the Apache gunner has already switched to the 30mm cannon. He lets out three lengthy but controlled bursts after the survivor and into the visually obstructed impact sight. The explosive rounds likely killing the runner and adding insult-to-injury for any Hellfire survivors.

The video then switches to the second Apache aircraft orbiting the urban sprawl. From this vantage point, we get a second look at the first strike and another small group of insurgents a few blocks away. After the first brutally successful engagement, the second aircraft focuses on this smaller group of “squirters”. Though they probably couldn’t see the missile strike their buddies, the tell-tale sound of 30mm cannon fire leaves room for little doubt; they too run it and attempt to hide in another alleyway. But the second Apache crew has been patiently watching and they continue to follow them. Desperately attempting to elude the hovering nightmare, one and then a second squirter take refuge behind a small bus. The Apache fires another Hellfire right into the bus, which similarly explodes in a huge fireball.

Don’t you just love when a story has a happy ending?


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