Apache Demolishes 14 Man Taliban Patrol In Afghanistan

first published on October 22, 2015 by

An Apache catches an insurgent platoon trying to exfiltrate after an attack on a small American patrol base.

A Taliban squad was walking up a wadi, minding their own business, after an attack on an American position in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. As they put distance between themselves and Afghani infrastructure, they soon realize they are being stalked from above.

Within seconds of the enemy clearing essential infrastructure, the Apache pilot receives clearance to fire. As soon as the Apache pilot is cleared, he begins his symphony of destruction. He catches them off guard, packed tightly together, as they navigate the harsh Afghan terrain. 30mm explosive shells rain down on Taliban forces as their lives comes to an end.

Shortly after the Apache pilot begins firing, the infantry platoon that was just attacked, arrives on scene and starts cracking skulls. The Talibs become confused by the combined arms assault. They start throwing grenades and shooting at everything around them. We can only assume what happened after the camera stopped. My guess? 14 E-KIA.


Gonna have to throw a shout out to the men and women of Combined Joint Task Force-82 circa May 2009 for this amazing Apache Gun Tape footage. Great action against the enemy, ladies and gents.


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