Apache Attack Helicopters Open Up On Iraqi Radar Domes

first published on January 13, 2017 by

Apache Attack Helicopters destroy a number of Iraqi radar domes in order to clear the way for follow on airstrikes during Operation Desert Storm.

Desert Storm was a fast, hard hitting war, that was over almost as soon as started. The Iraqi Army was completely unprepared for the speed and violence of action of American forces. This video is a testament to just that simple fact, and it showcases some of the very first airstrikes of the campaign.

In order to kick off the operation, and maintain absolute air superiority through out the campaign, a group of Apache Attack helicopters were tasked with destroying key targets. Radar domes were the primary target, as they enabled the Iraqi Army to see, and possibly destroy American air power. Removing those targets would, and did, allow for the total air domination of the Iraqi military.

In this short video, you will get a glimpse of the task the Apache pilots were given. The work they conducted is what made Operation Desert Storm such an immediate success. If they hadn’t been able to destroy the radar domes, chances are that the conflict would have raged much longer than it actually did.

Strong work boys.


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