Apache Attack Chopper Goes Nuts On Troops, Vehicles, And Equipment

first published on December 31, 2017 by

The following video shows various clips of a Saudi AH-64 Apache attack helicopter wreaking havoc on various Houthi rebel targets in Yemen, near the Saudi border.

The video begins with a clip showing the engagement of what appears to be a fortified heavy machine gun position. The American-built, Saudi Arabian attack chopper gives multiple accurate bursts to ensure the weapon system is damaged beyond repair.

The footage then goes on to show the Apache gunship engaging various targets, including a Houthi rebel attempting to hide behind a boulder, as well as a couple vehicles and dwellings.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing staunch criticism, even from the United States, regarding the ever worsening humanitarian crisis occurring in Yemen. According to a World Food Program report in early 2017, around 17 million Yemenis were facing starvation.

In addition to the food and water crisis, Saudi Arabian airstrikes appear to be carried out in an extremely indiscriminate fashion. According to a recent BBC article, KSA airstrikes killed 68 people in a single day. A large portion of those people were killed in a single strike on a busy market place.

While the US has been carrying out airstrikes on al Qaeda type targets in Yemen (as well as black ops raids) for a decade, they have also been facilitating the Saudis with refueling operations and other logistical support for their own strikes.

apache attack

In November 2017, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy accused the United States of complicity in war crimes and playing a key role in the humanitarian crisis. He stated that, “There is a humanitarian catastrophe inside this country… that very few people in this nation can locate on a map… of absolutely epic proportion. This humanitarian catastrophe… this famine… is caused, in part, by the actions of the United States of America.”


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