Anybody Awake? Houthi’s Easily Overrun Saudi Outpost in Broad Daylight

first published on March 21, 2017 by

Was anybody even awake? Lackadaisical security posture by Saudi troops allows Houthi rebels to walk right up in broad daylight and easily overrun an outpost. The Saudi defenders don’t live long enough to realize the mistake.

Houthi rebels easily detect an inadequately defended Saudi outpost, immediately capitalizing on this fatal flaw and violently overrunning it in broad daylight. The small outpost consists of two concrete structures and several outlying bunkers and sits atop a small rise surrounded by large rocks and boulders.

The rebel infiltrators carefully approach the position but are only partially concealed in the rocky terrain. Without sufficient or competent sentries on duty, the Houthi’s brazenly take up positions just meters away.

Now staged in the rocks and covering a nearby Saudi bunker with a PKM, the Houthi’s are ready for the assault. Targeting the window of the second story they fire an RPG at absolute minimal distance – exploding in a large fireball and commencing the attack.

The concealed infiltrators open fire with small arms, spraying the entire outpost with withering gunfire. Switching to a secondary camera angle, several rebels can be seen advancing and firing at the defenders.

The whole attack appears to end relatively quickly, with the Saudi’s not even knowing what hit them. In now typical fashion, the Houthi’s burn the vehicles and pillage arms and ammunition.


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