Antifa in Syria: Not a Joke, but Still Manages to be Funny

first published on July 31, 2017 by

Antifa faction fighting in Syria? That’s right Folks, straight off the mean college streets and into the Syrian civil war. This should be interesting….

Don’t let the fact that these ruffians are wearing their mother’s drapes discourage you. This is “Antifa”, short for “Anti-Fascists”, which are a hilariously misguided ultra-left-wing group that believe they’re protecting social revolutions around the world with anarchy. Often consisting of our most wise and trusted demographic, 20-year-old college students, they adore wearing masks, black and red clothing, and needlessly causing public disturbances. Their gallant acts include destroying public property and breaking windows – which is in keeping with the highest traditions of any liberal arts institution.


Embracing this uncanny ability to disappoint their parents, they’ve now set their politically correct sights on the Syrian Civil War and the Middle East… a region traditionally known for its political correctness and opposition to totalitarian leaders. Undeterred by reality, this menacing Marxian cadre sporting a grand total of eight militants (though, I’m fairly certain half of these guys are just bored Kurds who felt sorry for them), show off their revolutionary chops by announcing their existence to the world. Boasting a claim of “protecting the revolution in Rojava” while “fighting fascism.” This terrifying video will indubitably strike fear into the hearts of leaders in places like the Islamic State, Syria, Iran, and Russia. Everyone hold your breath in 3….2…1


If you’re anything like me, you’ve enjoyed watching Antifa embarrass themselves in your social media feed for some time. Videos showing their exploits of getting knocked out or arrested, and often while sobbing have popped up with hilarious regularity. Now they’re in Kurdistan, at least a couple of them anyway. Trading their imagined war for a real one and amusingly, asserting that the SDF needs their protection. These guys aren’t joking, but still manage to be funny.

Tell us what do you guys think – Do the Kurds need Antifa’s help?


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