Drill Sergeant vs Anti-Military Youtuber, Who Would Win?

first published on December 21, 2018 by

Ever wonder what would happen if a Drill Sergeant got his hands on an anti-military YouTuber? Here’s the answer to your question.


Everyone had that one guy in their platoon. The one who got everything wrong, refused to do what he was supposed to be doing, and could never understand why everyone around him absolutely loved to hate him. They were the guy who made life for everyone around them an absolute living hell because they were a leadership challenge so strong that the leaders gave up and allowed the individual’s peers to police them with locks in a sock. In most cases, this individual was separated from the military as a failure to adapt or moved to section within the unit where even their stupidity could not have an impact on unit readiness.

Have you ever wondered what one of those individuals would look like if they became a prominent and popular YouTuber after getting kicked out of the Military? Well, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect.

Onision is a popular YouTuber who consistently and constantly complains about his time in the United States Air Force, often comparing it to a prison sentence or death cult from which there is no escape. With over 2 million subscribers, and a total of 319 million video views, people are tuning in to watch the idiot from your platoon talk about his poor life experiences with being an absolute failure in the military on a daily basis. This however, may not be a terrible thing as his target audience seems to be the upper middle class angsty teenagers who think the entire world is out to get him.

Let’s see what happens when former drill sergeant turned YouTuber AngryCops gets a hold of him and goes in for the kill. Better start pushing Onision. (I can already hear him screaming pls no bulli.)


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