Another One: Advancing SVBIED Dominated By MILAN Rocket

first published on October 23, 2016 by

Another Daesh SVBIED is stopped dead in its tracks by a Kurdish soldier. It took a few tries, but eventually a rocket slams into the vehicle, destroying it.

At this point, I’m really starting to feel like DJ Khaled. Every single day, I start my search for epic combat footage, and the first thing I see are the Kurds destroying another Daesh SVBIED. Another one. Another one. Another one, and another one.


Seems like all of these martyrs are wasting their lives. Doesn’t bother me one bit. If there’s one thing we like here at Funker530, it’s explosions. If there’s one thing we like more than explosions, it’s exploding ISIS rats.

Stay strong Peshmerga, and keep blowing these rodents to smithereens.


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