Ancient Tank Turned Into Shrapnel – Injures Nearby Infantry

first published on May 29, 2018 by

Members of the Free Syrian Army quickly learn that ancient tanks and their weak armor are no match for modern weaponry. Infantry troops in the vicinity of an ancient armored tank are peppered with shrapnel as an explosive round impacts their mobile cover and fire support platform. This video is exactly why ancient technology is replaced as soon as possible by regular and professional military super powers around the world.

Ancient Tank

This is far from the first time we have seen a rebel faction in the Middle East utilizing equipment that belongs in the past. Without failure, when we see extremist rebels using this equipment, they end up failing in some way that is completely out of their control due to the age of the gear that they are using. While some of their equipment, like the AK-47 for example, will always have a place on the battlefield and will remain effective even one hundred years from now, there is a reason that tanks and aircraft are continuously being upgraded and replaced by first world military super powers around the world. As weapons and technology advance to defeat armor and air power, it is imperative to keep your own armor and air power one step ahead of the enemy’s weapon systems.

When you’re a small band of extremists in the Middle East operating off of a shoe string budget and the ideology that your religion makes you invincible, these are things that you never thing about. What you think of as an extremist is that this rolling behemoth covered in armor plating will allow you to push your enemy’s position and defeat him, if God wills it. Unfortunately for the extremists, God tends to favor the military power with the most up-to-date equipment and capabilities, which in this case is certainly not their little rag-tag group of militiamen. They can scream and shout all that they want, and it will make no difference to the technological and explosive superiority of their enemies weapon systems.

Ancient Tank Thumb

What you’re about to see is an example of what happens when ancient technology meets up with newer technology on the battlefield. Marksmanship, tactics, experience, and prowess on the battlefield all become an extremely moot point when this ancient tank meets up with a weapon system that was designed to defeat far superior armored vehicles. Within seconds of moving to its hot position to take shots at the enemy’s location, the crew manning the enemy weapon system is able to dial in a dope and loose a single round into the ancient tank, instantly disabling it and turning the protective armor into a form of secondary shrapnel. This was an instant defeat for the extremist rebels in this area, and I would not be surprised to learn that this video was released by the Syrian Arab Army shortly after they overwhelmed the position.

There are some instances in which older technology can defeat newer technology. Most of the time when this happens, it is under special circumstances, and the user of the older technology is vastly more experienced and better at what they are doing than the user of the new technology. In instances where old technology is able to defeat new technology though, it only works when the newest technology is unable to actually be used in its intended purpose with efficiency. For example, there have been many instances where skilled pilots were able to win in mock dog-fights with technologically worse air platforms simply by utilizing their prowess in the air to defeat far superior jets. This however, is not the case when we are talking about explosives versus armor.


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