YIKES!!! Top 5 Anchor Drop Failures

first published on September 4, 2018 by

Let’s transition over to the naval side of things and watch an intense compilation of ship anchor drop failures from the comfort of our screens.


Look at the size of that chain!!! Each link weighs somewhere around 350-400 pounds. Once that baby gets cruising, no breaking operation is going to slow it down. Once it reaches the end of the chain, the mounting bracket is going to rip free of the ship, and it’s all going straight to the bottom.

The failures in the video can be attributed to a number of factors. The break operator may be too impatient and letting out too much at a time, which leads to dangerously irreversible momentum. Mechanical failures of damaged or worn breaking systems may just give out, causing the runaway. Or in the case of Number 1, poor situational awareness can lead to dropping a several ton anchor directly on top of a tiny little tug boat.


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