An Inside Look Into The Infantry Immersion Trainer

first published on January 15, 2016 by

An inside view of the Infantry Immersion Trainer, where service members are put in a realistic training environment, against a number of dynamic threats.

No amount of training can, or ever will fully prepare you for the rigors of combat. That does not however mean that we should ever stop trying to mentally prepare ourselves for whatever evils we may face. Productive, realistic rehearsals, have been proven to save lives. So while training may not fully prepare you, it will save your life.

The Infantry Immersion Trainer is a training environment that fully engulfs individuals in the environment they will be operating in. The intent of the program is to surround the individual operators with an environment they may not be familiar with, in order to prepare them for future operations.

Without picking apart the above video, and commenting on all the mistakes the Marines make, let’s first and foremost try to remember that these Marines are at an early stage of their training, and they’re still learning.

Immersion Trainer IED

Like any training regimen, the IIT is not a perfect program. It is still full of many of the same issues that plague all blank-fire training. The “I got you! No you didn’t, I got you first!” mentality is everywhere in this video. If we look passed the flaws in the training footage though, we can see that the Marine’s senses are heightened by the immersion and atmosphere the IIT is surrounding them with.

This is the kind of training that best prepares you for combat. You can read more about the United States Marine Corps Infantry Immersion Training program here.


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