Americans Use F-35 For First Time In Combat

first published on September 28, 2018 by

The United States military just used their fifth generation stealth F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for the first time in combat, according to officials.

Reports indicate that the Marine Corps’ F-35B variant (short take off/vertical landing STOVL) completed a sortie from USS Essex amphibious assault ship in the Arabian Sea and struck Taliban targets in Afghanistan on Thursday.

The US is actually not the first to employ the futuristic strike fighter in combat. Israel struck multiple Iranian and Hezbollah targets inside Syria with their F-35s back in May.

The following footage was filmed on March 5, 2018 and shows F-35B Lightning IIs performing deck landing qualifications on the USS Wasp, a multipurpose amphibious assault ship. The Marines’ variant of the aircraft can be seen using its short take off and vertical landing (STOVL) capabilities, which makes the need for massive, full-sized aircraft carriers unnecessary.


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