American Volunteers Nervously Wait Out Turkish Artillery Barrage

first published on June 19, 2018 by

A video out of Afrin, Syria shows American and other foreign YPG volunteers nervously wait in a ground level apartment room as Turkish rocket artillery pounds the city.

This footage is from the Turkish military’s Operation Olive Branch in which Turkish forces bolstered by Salafist Islamist groups invaded Syria and successfully expelled Kurdish militants from Afrin.

The battle ended three months ago, and since that time Afrin has been plundered by the Turks and Turkish-backed jihadists, many of which are openly representing al Qaeda, and the city is now being used as a sort of jihadist garrison for proxy forces.


The Islamists wasted no time in instilling Sharia Law and now the women of Afrin are now being forced to cover their heads with veils and their bodies with the ridiculously oppressive garbage bag looking cloaks.

The U.S. has done nothing to reaffirm it’s commitment to its Kurdish allies, although Kurdish forces have taken the brunt of the fighting in Operation Inherent Resolve and sacrificed tens of thousands of their own people for the cause. In fact, the U.S. continues to backstab the Kurds and make concessions to appease the Turks.

The U.S. has just welcomed the Turkish military into Manbij, which was ground won by the YPG and has acted as a headquarters for the mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces. The U.S. just announced it has begun joint security patrols with the Turks in the region as well.


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