American Volunteer Records Gun Battle With Daesh In Mosul

first published on October 27, 2016 by

An unknown American volunteer,working with the Kurdish Peshmerga, records a running gun battle with Daesh near Mosul. Give them hell boys.

This video starts off with a blast, quite literally. As a Daesh suicide bomber rolls towards the Peshmerga position, everything erupts in a crescendo of fire. The vehicle is eventually destroyed about a minute and a half in, and that’s when we realize the man behind the camera is 100% full-blooded American.

As the video continues, we get a good survey of the battle-space, and the volunteer almost seems bored at the fighting that’s happening. He seems like a character straight out of a Stanley Kubrick film, and I was waiting for him to quote Animal Mother directly throughout the video.

If you’re the volunteer who recorded this, please contact the page as soon as possible, we would love to conduct an interview with you.


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