American Military Doing Hood Rat Things With Her Friends

first published on March 31, 2018 by

Here’s a fast-paced moto video highlighting the capabilities of the American military and her friends.

France: As much as we like to jab at France for surrendering in WWII, they are our oldest ally. They are also at the forefront of the war against terror in Africa. They are on the verge of taking on a much larger role in Syria as well.

Israel: Deal with it. These people don’t deploy to war zones to find the enemy… they go on about their daily lives surrounded by the savage horde that want nothing more than to eliminate them from existence.

Japan: Yeah we nuked’em, but that’s because we wouldn’t have won the war without doing so. The Japanese are an incredible people, and although they no longer desire world domination through a military empire, their technology and innovation has, in a way, conquered the globe.

Canada: World’s largest demilitarized border runs between US and Canada. Together we are the world’s biggest trading partners. Enough said.

Obviously, there are several allied nations that weren’t mentioned here who are just as important. Who do you think America’s top ally is?


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