Ambushed at the Watchtower

first published on October 1, 2017 by

A Turkish patrol grabs a breather and occupies a watchtower, a PKK ambush strikes when they are at their most vulnerable.

A Turkish patrol meanders into a previously unoccupied watchtower somewhere in the mountains. The soldiers slowly occupy the multi-storied concrete tower, surrounded by a perimeter wall and ramshackle front gate. Likely feeling a degree of safety after arriving at the objective, or possible showing some exhaustion after an arduous movement, the Turks cluster around the base of the tower. Momentarily catching their breath and taking a load off, the clustered soldiers unwittingly offer a juicy target to the patient PKK ambush.

The PKK ambush opens fire and quickly drops one, possibly two Turkish soldiers. The remaining survivors scatter in utter confusion, with some even running outside the perimeter wall and inadvertently right towards the aggressors. A few manage to scurry to the rear of the tower, while another gets caught in his gear and desperately fumbles to get free. Damage done, the vicious bedlam and the video end, almost as quickly as it began.


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