Infantry and SF Troops Ambushed In Nangarhar, Respond With Mini Guns

first published on December 9, 2016 by

New video submission from a combat veteran Funker530 community member shows a segment of a firefight in Nangarhar province from 2014.

US Army infantry soldiers, supporting Special Forces, are ambushed by a frustrated Taliban team after these guys discovered their poorly placed IED. From the soldier that was there:

“…my squad from 1-41IN 3/1AD from Ft. Bliss we were an infantry uplift for 3rd (SF) group back in 2014 we were attached to ODA 3313 at the time of this video.

We were on our way from Jalalabad back to our COP after refit and our front truck spotted an IED our EOD team went to clear it and then we started taking RPG and small arms fire from our east side.

Using the 4 gun trucks two with mini-guns and two with .50 (BMG) as a base of fire we engaged taliban in a couple different fighting positions and callots while firefighter lasted about an hour and a half ended with a jdam dropped on the callot.

BDA no American casualties, 28 enemy killed. Best deployment I have ever been on.”


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