Alarming Video of a Jihadi Militia That Actually Knows What It’s Doing

first published on March 5, 2019 by

An alarming video purportedly of the so-called Palestinian Liwa al-Quds, also known as the “Jerusalem Brigade” has been released. It details a highly proficient and well-drilled militia fighting against Syrian rebels; and since proficient and well-drilled militant groups are a rarity in the Syrian civil war, these guys may be something to be concerned about in the future.

Now to be clear, these guys positively being al-Quds brigade is unconfirmed. However, the red headbands and shoulder patches worn by the fighters featured in the video is a well-documented “uniform” of this Palestinian pro-Assad militia. It has also been suggested by reliable sources that they have been supported by Russia, which may also account for their obvious battlefield proficiency. Either way, these guys aren’t your normal rag-tag gaggle of inept jihadis typically found fighting in Syria.

The video kicks off with the unit stacking along a wall and quickly advancing under fire through a smoke screen. Once clearing the open ground and consolidating near the contested buildings, the point man is quickly shot while trying to engage the rebels. He is dragged behind cover by his buddies, but the rest of the team continues their momentum and immediately begins suppressive fire and throwing grenades. They press forward in clearly defined four-man units, spreading out to advance on multiple fronts and rapidly overwhelming the first building. They cross the street and begin to repeat the whole cycle over again before the video finally cuts out.

If it wasn’t for the original point man being hit with an obvious pool of blood on the ground followed by several incoming bullet impacts throughout the video, you would think this was staged propaganda. Their systematic small unit tactics throughout smack of intensive training and discipline. Violence of action, team structure, muzzle awareness, mutually supporting cover fire, and their downright procedural advances are alarming to say the least. With the Syrian conflict in its final stages, the likelihood of this Palestinian group spreading beyond Syria is something to watch closely – especially for Israel.


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