Al-Shabaab Militants Launch Raid in Northern Somalia

first published on May 22, 2017 by

Al-Shabaab militants launch a violent pre-dawn raid against an unidentified defender force in Northern Somalia. The recent propaganda release highlights the east African jihadist groups continued threat to stability and may hint to another surge of violence in the region.

The al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab militant group continue to plague east Africa, claiming to expand its influence into northern Somalia’s Golis mountains. In a recent propaganda release from its al-Quds brigade affiliate, it additionally coincides with a recent uptick in attacks against peace keepers throughout the country.

Initiating the attack in the quiet pre-dawn blackness, the lightly equipped militants open fire on the yet unseen outpost. Dozens of small-arms and RPG’s wildly illuminate the horizon in front of the cameraman.

The militants advance, taking significant incoming fire and slowing their momentum. Red tracers streak over their heads while they return fire and the first glimmers of morning light begin to expose the silhouetted jihadists.

The al-Shabaab fighters enter the unassuming outpost consisting of crude rock and tarp sleeping huts and several ununiformed vehicles. They continue to take fire from the presumably retreating defenders as they consolidate the position and engage the visible fleeing troops.

Having driven off the former occupants, the militants begin the typical loot, pillage, and burning of the rocky outpost. Flying the black and white AQ Islamist flag, they claim several heavy machine guns and a fuel tanker before abandoning their minor conquest.

Note: This video has been altered from its original version. It has been edited and condensed to reduce its propaganda value and sermonizing jihadist content.


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