Al Shabaab Militants Raid Military Outpost & Village in Western Somalia

first published on December 16, 2017 by

Al Shabaab militants conduct a predictably ruthless raid on a small military outpost and nearby village. Destroying and plundering both in the tri-border region of southwestern Somalia, violence continues in the eternally war-torn nation.

A recently released Al Shabaab propaganda video details another raid by the long time east-African jihadist group. The al-Qaeda affiliate predictable initiates the attack with a VBIED on the small military outpost – which begins engaging the threat before it erupts in a huge fireball. Initially, the outpost lays down suppressive fire against the attackers and red tracers can be seen whizzing over the cameraman’s head. But this doesn’t last for very long. The Al Shabaab militants then hastily form the jihadist version of a skirmishers line, indiscriminately firing from the hip as they advance.

They begin to cross a large expanse of open ground, but the undisciplined defenders do not exploit this vulnerability. The Shabaab fighters wearing ill-fitting fatigues and all manner of blue identifier ribbons, keep advancing towards the edge of the outpost. Several defenders immediately retreat to the rear, just meters in front of the militants.

But being the idiot jihadists that they are, they pathetically miss the exposed backs of the defending troops who find cover behind a berm. Several vehicles quickly flee the area, but the piss-poor shooting skills of the Shabaab militants again aids their escape. This phase of the assault complete, the jihadists begin to plunder the outpost.

Because this is a propaganda video, the accuracy and timeline of events is dubious at best. The video attempts to present the militants as quickly turning one victory into two. Launching their second attack on the village soon after capturing the outpost and driving out the defending troops. This scenario is possible, but because of several original video edits it’s also questionable. Either way, the militants press into the village and eventually capture it.

Note: This video has been altered from its original version. It has been edited to reduce its propaganda value and sermonizing jihadist content.


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