Al Shabaab Overruns American Outpost In Somalia, Releases Photos

first published on July 25, 2018 by

Somalia’s al Qaeda affiliate, al Shabaab, released aftermath photos showing themselves inside a burning joint US-Kenyan firebase on July 23, 2018, which contradicts the Somali government’s statement claiming that the attack was repulsed.


The photos first appeared in insurgent media publications before being picked up and reported on by the Long War Journal. The images appear to be authentic and show the insurgents moving freely within the US-Somali-Kenyan base near Bar-Sanguuni in southern Somalia.

What is certain is that two suicide truck bombs detonated near the base perimeter, and a gun battle broke out as the insurgents attempted to overrun the base. That is where the two sides of the story diverge.

Somali officials claimed that 100 militants were involved in the raid and that 87 of them were killed. They also claimed that the attack was repulsed, which is in contrast to photos released by the terror group.

Al Shabaab claimed to have killed 30 soldiers during the attack, but the actual number is likely much smaller. Less biased information sources report that four total soldiers were likely killed and the number of dead militants is somewhere around eight.

The targeted base is the same one at which Staff Sgt. Alexander W. Conrad was killed and four others US troops were wounded last month. The joint base has come under multiple recent attacks by al Shabaab.