GoPro: Al-Qaeda in Syria Continues to Seize Territory

first published on May 7, 2018 by

Al Qaeda in Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) refuses to quit and continues to seize territory in its latest GoPro propaganda release. The extremist group remains a dangerous and powerful faction operating in the perpetually convoluted civil war.

HTS has easily become one of the most concerning jihadist groups in post-ISIS Syria. While ISIS has drawn the lion’s share of attention and condemnation due to their psychopathic and homicidal territorial gains, Al Qaeda has attempted to stay in the shadows.

They merged with several other groups early in 2017, officially forming Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and controlled large portions of the shrinking rebel pockets throughout Syria. As we’ve seen in the past they are typically well equipped and well trained, not like many of their snackbar contemporaries.

The HTS media wing recently released another short GoPro video of its militants on the offensive, though the date of filming and the forces engaged are unconfirmed.

The small group of lightly equipped HTS militants advance through a neighborhood as dusk rapidly approaches, engaging targets and quickly gaining ground.

They progress through a series of yards and homes, meeting only token resistance from the defenders. Towards the end of the video, a heavy machine gun likely mounted on a vehicle begins firing at the advancing militants. The HTS extremist’s respond with an RPG that appears to hit its mark, the video concluding just as night settles over the battlefield.