Al Qaeda Insurgent Films Himself Getting Shot… To Death

first published on March 2, 2016 by

Al Qaeda in Syria, known as al Nusra Front released a video of one of their own attempting to cover open ground in an assault on a Syrian Army outpost in Aleppo. Eventually, the insurgent group starts taking fire, as you can see rounds impact the ground around him. Finally, the video ends as the fighter takes a hot one and bleeds out. Justly, the video starts with a dead Nusra militant and ends with one as well. It’s unclear as to where the fighter was hit, and from the slowed portion of the video, it appears it may have even been a ricochet that got him.

Recently, we ran a video of an ISIS fighter who captures his own death on GoPro, and I’m hoping that these dirtbags are now competing for the most death videos. The nasheed, the a cappella songs over these videos, are normally just bearable, but this one is downright terrible. How can your god not allow for musical instruments, but be totally fine with talentless autotune usage. This song is almost as bad as the current state of American R&B music… almost.


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