Islamic State Fighters Slaughtered by Al-Qaeda Fighters

first published on January 4, 2017 by

Members of Al-Qaeda conduct a complex raid on an Islamic State position and slaughter them like lambs. Some problems solve themselves. Someone in the Pentagon is watching this video with a huge smile right now, and singing “Dance puppets dance,” as these two groups start to clash against each other in a battle of extremist ideologies. Personally, I don’t even know who to root for, lets just hope they thin each other out enough for Iraqi government forces to handle the cleanup.

Al Qaeda

The entire situation in the Middle East has been one gigantic mess since this last conflict kicked off. It has been nearly impossible to keep a running tally of who is technically a good guy, and who is technically a bad guy for the past three years. On one end of the spectrum we have extremists fighting for an Islamic Caliphate. On the other end of the spectrum we have different extremists fighting for an Islamic Caliphate. Somewhere in the middle we have multiple dictators and religious leaders fighting for control of a small section of their own Caliphate. It’s all one gigantic mess.

When videos like this surface, featuring Al-Qaeda fighters slaughtering Islamic State fighters like lambs, the only side worth rooting for is the rounds exiting the barrels of their weapons. The hope is that each round that leaves a barrel will connect with an extremist, and leave the world with one less insane religious zealot attempting to set-back civilization an entire millennia. In the end, hopefully the combat will leave one, or both groups so decimated that government forces are able to sweep in and deal with them simultaneously.

al qaeda 2

On the topic of the footage below, a squad sized element of Islamic State fighters are hunkered down in the two buildings that a drone is watching. Meanwhile a platoon sized element of Al-Qaeda fighters have pinned them down and continue to close with their enemy’s position. In just a short amount of time, several explosions rock the two buildings, sending one of the Islamic State fighters rocketing out of the right most building at somewhere around the speed of sound. All of the Islamic State fighters are killed.


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