Al Qaeda Fighter Wounded By Grenade Then Shot Down

first published on November 12, 2015 by

An al Qaeda fighter is wearing a GoPro as he assaults Houthi rebel positions in Yemen’s third largest city of Taiz, near the Red Sea.

al qaeda

The jihadists advance aggressively but do not seem to have a preplanned objective other than idiotic martyrdom. The camera-wearing al Qaeda fighter is holding down a tight alley when a grenade comes bouncing in. He and his buddy make a dash for cover inside the walls of a nearby residential compound, but not before the grenade bursts and sends shrapnel into his hand and forearm.

After a quick first-aid session, the jihadist is back in the fight, and his team attempts to retreat back the way they came. The fighters are forced to cross a wide street which the Houthis are covering with rifle fire. They send one man at a time, yet not offering a whole lot of covering fire. Several teammates cross safely, and now it is the cameraman’s turn.

He hesitates in the open, possibly unable to decide whether he should all-out sprint or give himself covering fire. The delay is his downfall, and enemy shooters are on him in an instant. He is hit and collapses just as he gets across the danger area.


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