US Airstrikes Demolish Targets in Hotly Contested Farah Province Afghanistan

first published on May 16, 2018 by

Recent US airstrikes demolish a Taliban platoon sized element in Farah province of western Afghanistan; the release coincides with a large operation in progress over the contested provincial capital. The rapid fire aerial bombardment easily eliminates the initially unaware, then increasingly desperate militants in this stunning FLIR footage.

US and Afghan airstrikes have intensified in western Afghanistan in recent days, combating the Taliban’s attempted seizure of Farah City from government forces. The provincial capital of Farah province, the Taliban launched an aggressive operation to capture the regional population center from its nearby controlled and swelling territory.

Screenshot Via Twitter

Afghan National Army (ANA) troops and purported US Special Forces were rushed to area but, reports have surfaced that the militants did in fact temporarily wrestle control of city from the government forces. Conflicting reports suggest either the militants abandoned the city shortly after its capture and without a shot being fired. Or the ANA claim they had recaptured the city by force.

This “hit and run” style raid on a major city has previously twice been attempted by the Taliban in northern Kunduz. However, both incursions saw the militants quickly ejected after large scale ANA operations involving ground forces and airstrikes.

The video below captures a particularly awesome and brutal US airstrike on a Taliban platoon sized element somewhere in Farah province. The American pilots stalk their oblivious prey from overhead, while the militants meander along a well-beaten path in an undisciplined and clustered group.

Guided munitions begin impacting along the Taliban column in quick succession, killing many and scattering the rest. The surviving and now desperate fighters quickly disperse, fleeing in every direction. The US pilots then patiently and methodically pick off each of these “squirters” – eliminating a purported 28 militants in total.

Video courtesy of CDR Lesley Lykins with U.S. Forces-Afghanistan


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