Inherent Resolve Airstrike Denies Islamic State Fuel Storage

first published on December 11, 2017 by

An Islamic State fuel tanker is targeted and destroyed by an Operation Inherent Resolve airstrike. Denying the enemy logistical capabilities is key to success.

airstrike 210389572

In order to defeat your enemy, you must not only beat them on the field of battle. You have to choke the life out of them logistically, making it impossible for troop movements and re-supply operations to occur. Doing so starves your enemy from the beans, bullets, and bandages that make mission success a possibility in the first place.

Operation Inherent Resolve has been starving the Islamic State by conducting airstrikes against key infrastructure pieces like fuel storage and transportation assets, ammunition and explosives warehouses, and narcotics facilities that are used to gain financial holdings capable of providing those things mentioned before. Also, destroying training facilities that allow the Islamic State to create and maintain reinforcements that are capable of conducting tactical operations throughout their ever-shrinking area of operations.

The airstrike below was carried out by Operation Inherent Resolve on November 29, 2018 in the As Susah region of Syria. It shows the moment a bomb impacts with an Islamic State logistical vehicle storing a large quantity of fuel reserves for the group. In the text of the release, an official DoD statement was made. It read, “The Coalition and its partners remain resolute and united in a long-term effort to prevent the resurgence of ISIS and its violent extremist ideology, and to set conditions for international humanitarian assistance efforts.”


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