AH-64 Apaches Annihilate Entire Taliban Platoon

first published on March 6, 2016 by

This video was originally submitted to Funker530 a few years ago by one of the SF guys patrolling a ridge line close to where this engagement took place. According to him, the platoon of Taliban in this video were planning to ambush them further along their route, but the Apaches were called in to break up the party before it could get started. Within a couple hours of us uploading this video to YouTube, Google/YouTube removed the video and placed a strike on the channel. This is no longer a concern with our new video hosting capabilities.

While it seems excessive to expend so many expensive 30mm rounds and Hellfire missiles to annihilate such worthless dirtbags, it really is the best way to go about it. These filthy, inbred cavemen aren’t worth the physical exertion it takes to climb up into the mountains, let alone the risk of losing allied ground troops.

Seconds before they became greasy smears on the rocks, they honestly thought they were hardcore soldiers of god, but they weren’t. They were just faceless heat signatures on a thermal camera that became forgotten puddles of people paste. The world became a slightly better place at that moment.


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