How Did You Miss That?! The Most Aggravating Combat Video Ever

first published on March 10, 2019 by

Laughable clip that may just be one of the most aggravating combat videos ever. Iraqi security forces maddeningly miss a golden opportunity to eliminate a jihadist crossing a narrow alley just a few meters away.

The camera focuses on a narrow alley flanked by high multi-storied buildings on either side. Purportedly taking place somewhere in Iraq, an M-16 barrel extends out of a window fixed on the debris covered backstreet.

Somewhat abruptly and in full view of the Iraqi sentries, an armed and lone jihadist starts to cross the lane just a mere ten or so meters away. His head first coming into view, the militant hurriedly enters the alley seemingly unaware he’s about to become every infantryman’s dream.

However, quite luckily for this jihadist, these Iraqi troops must have been sick on the day basic marksmanship was taught. The first round hitting absurdly high, several feet above the militant.

The second and third rounds fired fair only marginally better. Impacting the wall and a rubble pile at the militant’s feet, he quickly scurries out of view safely.

The nature of urban warfare is intensely brutal and seizing opportunities that present themselves is absolutely critical. Allowing a militant to escape, particularly at such close quarters, could potentially have deadly consequences. Due to the lack of basic marksmanship skills, the escaped jihadist now lives to fight another day and probably cost more blood to eventually eliminate.

So, is this the most aggravating combat video you’ve ever seen? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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