Afrin Strikes Back With Deadly Raid On Army Base Inside Turkey

first published on February 17, 2018 by

Multiple Kurdish sources are claiming that the YGP has killed 7 Turkish troops in a cross border raid against an important military base inside of Turkey.

The Twitter account for the YPG Rojava Defense Units claimed that seven Turkish troops were killed, and many others were wounded in a raid in Hatay Province, against the supposed main headquarters and aerial drone operation center for Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch. The base sits almost 20 kilometers inside Turkey.

“Kurdish Forces targeted the headquarters for the so called ‘Olive Branch Operation’ inside [the] Kirikhan district of Hatay,” Kurdish Partisan forces claimed on social media.

The operation is said to have been, in part, carried out by the YPG’s elite YAT/HAT special forces teams. The YAT/HAT were instrumental in the downfall of ISIS in Raqqa as they conducted multiple kill or capture raids against Islamic State commanders deep within enemy territory. Turkey has yet to confirm the attack.

Leading up to this attack, 31 Turkish soldiers have been killed in their operation that has now lasted a month. The number of casualties regarding Turkey’s jihadist proxy forces has yet to be determined. This is the first time the YPG have officially claimed to carry out an attack within Turkey’s borders.

The following video claims a combination of proxy force and Turkish troops were among the casualties and that it was a YPG mortar attack that targeted the location.


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