African Airborne Operation Is Nothing But Fail

first published on March 12, 2019 by

A video showing a horrendous African airborne operation during the multinational training exercise Flintlock 19 hit social media and was quickly deleted.

african airborne

However, author for The Aviationist, Tom Demerly, was able to screen record the debacle prior to it being taken down, and we commend his on-the-ball actions, because this video is captivating fail gold.

I’ve seen several mashup videos highlighting airborne failures spanning many years and countries. This video blows them all away, and it’s not an edited compilation. It is one chronological failure after another.

While we cannot confirm which African nation is documented in the cringe-inducing footage, it’s fair to say that any video showing African military operations makes the ever-incompetent Middle Eastern armies look like Delta Force. These guys are special.


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