Afghanistan Is Actually A Beautiful Country Once You Get Through The Taliban

first published on March 1, 2017 by

Someone from Afghanistan tagged our Facebook page in this video. It shows a side of Afghanistan we have all seen, but most never appreciated.

For anyone that has ever been to Afghanistan in a service capacity, there is no doubt that you still feel the suck. We went there on a mission away from home. Lived in austere conditions, and dealt with indigenous people who just wanted us gone. The Taliban were trying to kill us, the weather was less than hospitable at most times, and for the love of God what in the world is that smell?

Once you get past all of that and you really look at the country itself, you find a beautiful scenic place. There are mountains, dense forests, endless deserts, winding rivers and canal systems, and when you look up at night you see a billion stars. It really is an amazing part of the world, it’s just a shame that the region is in an endless state of conflict.

I’ve been told, that the only way you know what century it is in Afghanistan is by the uniforms and equipment the current occupying nation’s Army is using. This must be true, because the state has been in an almost never-ending state of war since the dark ages. Once you get past that though, you find a gem of a country. Even though its been torn by war and violence for the past thousand years, you have to admit, this place is stunning.

Thanks to the random man in Afghanistan who put this video on our wall. I want you to know that even though we may never see eye-to-eye on certain topics, I see you, and I see your country for what it really is. Beautiful.