Afghan Tactical Air Controllers Complete Final Qualification

first published on September 23, 2018 by

Tactical Air Controller from the Afghan National Army complete their final qualification in preparation for combat operations against the Taliban and ISIS-K.

Tactical Air Controller

As Operation Resolute Support continues to conduct operations in an advise and assist role, members of the Afghan National Army are now completing crucial qualifications that enable them to operate independently. These tools, skill sets, and resources that the Afghan National Army are acquiring from Operation Resolute Support will allow the Afghan National Army to continue operations without the aid of committed ground forces inside of the country.

Because the Afghan National Air Force has grown in both their air power, and ordinance capabilities over the past few years, there is now a growing need for the Afghan military to conduct strikes without the aid of Resolute Support tactical air controllers. As a result the Afghan National Army has started conducting training courses to allow their own soldiers to become tactical air controllers capable of controlling and conducting close air support missions in support of their ground forces.

These capabilities, if utilized correctly, will allow the Afghan National Army to complete missions deeper into Taliban and ISIS-K controller territory without the need for Operation Resolute Support tactical air controllers and ground teams. The video below, which comes to us courtesy of Operation Resolute Support and Tech. Sgt. Nancy Kasberg, shows the Afghan National Army’s Tactical Air Controllers completing the final qualifications required in order for them to conduct close air support fire support missions with the Afghan National Air Force.


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