Afghan Soldier Single-Handedly Kills 6 Taliban In Attack On Parliment

first published on September 11, 2015 by

Taliban militants conducted a deadly, but ultimately failed, raid on the Afghan parliament building on Monday while politicians were in the process of electing a new defense minister.

At least one woman and a child were killed in the attack, and about 30 more civilians were wounded.

The militants fired rockets at the compound and detonated a car bomb to breech the perimeter. Six Taliban gunmen attempted to storm parliament, but the Afghan National Army was ready for them, as they had received intelligence of the attack a couple days prior.

ANA Sergeant Eisa Khan, 28, closed with and gunned down all six Taliban attackers, ending the intense battle.

“I am very happy to be alive and proud I could defend my country,” Khan said. “I was prepared to defend my country with every drop of blood in me.”


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