Afghan National Army Backed By Special Forces Kill 78 ISIS Fighters

first published on July 30, 2016 by

Troops with the Afghan National Army, backed by U.S. Special Forces, conducted a major offensive against ISIS, leaving 78 enemy combatants dead.

In the last few months, Afghanistan has started to see the terror organization ISIS rise in their country. At this time it is believed that the group is confined to two or three districts. This however is not stopping the ANA from acting quickly to defeat the threat. They have seen the rise of the group in other countries, and have decided to fight back now while the group is still weak.

Afghan Army Backed By SF

Afghan National Army troops, backed by U.S. Special Forces and coalition air power, moved into the Kot district last week. They found a majority of the homes were empty, but full of weapons, ammunition, the black flags of ISIS, and the dead bodies of their fallen mujaheddin idiots. It is believed that the group was hiding their dead in order to conceal the heavy casualties they were taking at the hands of the airstrikes, ANA, and U.S. Special Forces.

They entered the village after a week of fighting, and constant aerial bombardment. Shereen Agha, an Afghan army spokesman said, “We have already destroyed their training camps in Kot district and the operations will expand to other districts too.” It has been reported that five of the U.S. Special Operations members that were fighting with the Afghan National Army were also injured during the fighting.

The operation, dubbed “Wrath of the Storm,” by the government, was in response to a recent suicide attack in Kabul that killed 80, and left another 230 wounded.


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