Afghan Interpretor Films Military Police Firefight

first published on May 11, 2016 by

The interpreter that filmed this military police combat video was abandoned by ISAF after being promised U.S. citizenship for his dedicated service to our nation. This man was denied his visa because he was terminated from one of his jobs as a terp for U.S. forces. He was fired for “losing” his I.D. card, when actually it was the entry checkpoint personnel that lost his card.

military police

Since the withdrawal of western forces from Afghanistan, this guy had to flee from his home province of Ghazni where his family members are being hunted down for his service to our troops. This man even tried escaping to Europe of his own accord, but was detained by the Turkish government at the Turkish border and was beaten and tortured for over a week before being sent back to Afghanistan, where he is still being hunted. Several months ago we gave him a link to “No One Left Behind,” and after repeatedly trying to contact them over the months, they haven’t so much as even acknowledged him. This man may not be an American, but he has done more for our nation than 90% of our useless, entitled population. He deserves what is owed to him, and that is us upholding our end of the bargain.

Now onto the meat of this video. If a POG ever tells you that they’re “basically infantry,” show them this video. I’m not going to knock anyone’s service to this country, but not all of our services were created equal. This MP unit gets in contact with Taliban forces and puts on an absolute shit show of not having the slightest clue of what to do. This video, if anything, just goes on to highlight how important this interpreter was to us. He doesn’t just translate, he facilitates this entire gun battle between indigenous and U.S. forces. Additionally, he has to teach the MP NCO the difference between outgoing and incoming RPG fires, and then after the Afghan casualty is brought back, he has to tell the military police NCO to call for a medic. Unbelievable.

If any of our readers have any information on how to help this man, please message us or discuss in the comments. Thanks.