Afghan Interpreters Are Being Hunted By The Taliban While Their Promised Visas Are Denied

first published on October 7, 2015 by

A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from a friend who I served with in Afghanistan back in 2010. His greeting was blunt, “The Taliban killed Srosh’s family and are now hunting him.”

Srosh was our interpreter for the entirety of our deployment to Sangin with 3/5 Marines, and stayed on with the next unit when our tour ended.

My friend directed me to a video series done recently by Vice News about Afghan interpreters’ inability to receive visas in order to come to the United States. In the video Srosh explains how his relatives were killed for aiding ISAF, and now they are hunting him, “They’re going to catch me and probably cut my head off.”

Those who have served know how vital an interpreter can be for combat operations. Srosh aided our military with the hopes of one day being able to come to the United States, now he hides alone in Afghanistan praying someone will come to his aid.

My friend and I immediately wrote letters to our state senators in hopes of generating attention to Srosh’s cause, we have yet to hear anything from the leaders of this country.

The last thing the public needs to see is another beheading at the hands of ISIS or the Taliban. Frankly it is a travesty that it takes so long to get these interpreters a Visa.

Watch Srosh’s story on Vice News below, and if you feel compelled you can help the cause >>>HERE<<<

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